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The POSE Method demonstrates its effectiveness worldwide again. We want to share a video (or clicking on the picture) in which Dr. George Woodman, chief of the department of Bariatric Surgery at Baptist Memphis Hospital, explains the advantages of the POSE Method to the Local 24 Midday program . The medical team of Endoluminal Surgery has had the pleasure of sharing experiences and exchanged views on the POSE method with this prestigious American surgeon.


It is a sign that the POSE method is becoming a benchmark worldwide for the treatment of obesity. In the video, Dr. Woodman explains that the POSE method originates from the need to find a traditional bariatric surgery much less invasive but equally effective technique. And we remember that the POSE Method is a technique that is performed without any incisions in the patient’s body as the whole procedure is done orally through endoscopic material.

As you can see in the video and as explain Dr. Woodman, several folds are made in the stomach in order to reduce capacity and to achieve satiety in the patient. All the procedure it’s done through the mouth by introducing an endoscopic tube.

The video says that  about 7 or 8 hospitals across America are conducting tests with the POSE method. We recall that in Spain (Barcelona) our medical team pioneered its implementation now about 3 years ago. With more than 200 cases with the POSE method. We performed the first international study and the well-known American journal, Obesity Surgery, has published these results. The results show that it is an effective technique in reducing obesity.

The POSE procedure covers a wider range of cases, since it is advisable for both obese and severely obese individuals (up to 40 BMI).

This video is just further proof that the POSE method is a reliable and effective technique, performed worldwide.

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