.The diets we propose are always customised based on a study of the medical history and characteristics of each patient. We also have wide experience in protein diets (with or without products). .

The objective of these diets is to generate a situation of ketosis (formation of ketone bodies) similar to that produced by fasting.

This situation is produced by reducing the intake of food that is rich in carbohydrates.

We advise our patients to pass through a series of stages in which the food is replaced by protein foods.

The products are gradually eliminated and different food groups are introduced (usually animal protein is introduced first, followed by dairy products, fruit and lastly, flour products).

It is important for the patient to pass through all the stages until he/she reaches the last stage in which all the food groups are present.

For that reason, patient monitoring is fundamental and we see our patients every 3 weeks to determine how the change process is going and perform medical controls that will allow the patient to achieve his/her objectives: maintain a healthy weight through a correct lifestyle and eating habits.


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