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AspireAssist aspiration therapy is a new treatment for obesity which is based on reducing the calories absorbed by the body.

A silicone tube is inserted into the stomach via an endoscopic procedure, with an access gate from the outside in the abdomen.

The access gate has a valve which can be opened or closed to allow the stomach content to be controlled. As a result after eating the patient can evacuate part of the stomach content through the device which is connected to the stomach via the access gate.

The evacuation process is called “Aspiration”.

The process should be carried out 20 minutes after eating and it takes between 5 and 10 minutes to perform the aspiration process.

Only one-third of the food is absorbed. For optimum weight loss, patients should perform the aspiration procedure after each main meal.

The treatment is applied together with a programme for changing eating habits and subject to medical supervision and follow-up.ASPIRE

The placement of the tube is done orally and a tiny incision of 1cm is made in the abdomen where the access gate will be placed for connecting the stomach with the exterior. It is the size of a poker chip.


Different studies have been conducted in the US in patients with BMIs of between 35 and 49 reporting losses in weight of more than 20 kilos the first year or a 49% loss in excess weight.

This technique has a low risk of serious complications and is indicated in patients with severe and morbid obesity.


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