Aspire Assist Therapy Sistem, a technique to combat morbidly obese patients

Aspire Assist

We are pleased to announce that we have applied a new technique for the first time in Spain: the Aspire Assist Aspiration Therapy System, a new technique designed to help combat obesity that works by reducing the calories absorbed by the body.

This new and original treatment is an effective option for patients with a BMI greater than 37. It is also a good option for morbidly obese or super morbidly obese patients who reject surgery as well as for those individuals who cannot undergo surgery due to their comorbidities.

Aspire Assist consists of inserting a silicone tube into the stomach via an endoscopic procedure. This tube is connected via an access port located on the outside of the abdomen. This skin port allows the patient to control the flow of stomach contents, so that the patient can empty a portion of stomach contents through the device which is connected to the stomach. In this way, the patient can remove from the stomach about a third of the food taken before the calories are absorbed by the body, which helps the patient to lose weight.

In the US clinical trials, loses were reported of more than 20 kilos in the first year or 49% of excess weight, which confirms Aspire Assist is an effective technique to combat obesity.

A simple procedure:

The tube is inserted by using an endoscope and no general anaesthesia is required. The incision made in the abdomen to connect the tube is very small (1 cm).

The access port that connects the stomach with the exterior has a size of about 2cm, so it can hardly be seen since it is placed at skin level.

The treatment is applied together with a programme for changing eating habits and is subject to medical supervision. However, one of the main advantages of this new system is that it is a simple, effective procedure with a very low risk of serious complications.

This new medical procedure is intended as a long-term treatment, although it is a reversible technique that can be removed at any time, for example, once patients have reached their weight loss goals and have had time to acquaint themselves with a change in their eating habits. Moreover, this technique does not condition the possibility of the patient undergoing, in the future, bariatric – either endoscopic or surgical-  intervention.

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