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Our medical team specialises in the endoscopic treatment of obesity at Teknon Medical Centre in Barcelona, which is a centre of reference on an international level in POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal) surgical treatment.

We are the only centre in Spain to use techniques such as the POSE Method, the Intragastric Balloon or the Oral Intragastric Balloon and we have contributed to improving the techniques of each of these methods.

For this reason we have been invited to speak at different international and national congresses, to share our experience in the endoscopic treatment of obesity, and we are also the only medical team in the world to publish studies about the results of the POSE Method.

In parallel to our participation at Congresses and the publication of medical studies, we carry out international training courses for other medical teams; We’ve been providing  POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal ) training to different medical professionals  in Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Austria, France, Holland and Spain, etc..; we are proud to be an USGI MEDICAL authorized Training Center on Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal (POSE).

We were also selected as the European Centre of Reference in training other medical specialists who wish to improve or start intragastric balloon obesity treatment.

Consequently, we provide training for medical teams who wish to learn about or improve their knowledge of any of the treatments we offer in our surgery.

For more information about forthcoming training sessions or to request custom training please send an email to