Quirón Teknon (Barcelona), pioneer in a new aspiration therapy system (Aspire) against obesity

safer Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery Aspire AssistThe Endoscopy and Digestive Functional Testing Unit at Quirón Teknon Hospital has pioneered the introduction of an aspiration therapy system (Aspire), a technique for losing weight indicated for patients with a body mass index (BMI) above 40.
After the first interventions, carried out over a year ago, those responsible for this unit ensure that the results are very encouraging with regard to the effectiveness of the method: six months after initiation, patients have experienced an average loss of 23 kg and an average weight reduction of more than 40%.

The aspiration therapy system (Aspire Assist) consists of putting, through endoscopy, a small silicone tube in the stomach, which is connected with the outside through an access port in the abdomen. From this point, measuring 2 cm, the control and emptying of stomach contents is performed. Thus, the patient can remove about 30% of food from the stomach before calories are absorbed, facilitating weight loss. With this amount it is ensured that the body will receive the necessary food for daily activity. So far fourteen cases have been dealt with and none had complications.

The Aspire placement is done on an outpatient basis, through endoscopic means, in a procedure lasting about 20 minutes. The patient can resume normal activity immediately. The procedure is accompanied by a modification program concerning eating behavior and lifestyle, guided by an interdisciplinary team of nutritionists and psychologists, under the supervision of specialists on the digestive system. It is a completely reversible technique.

The treatment lasts minimally a year and a half and ends when the patient has achieved the weight loss results marked at the beginning, but also after having internalized and consolidated a change of eating habits to maintain a healthy weight.

In Europe and the USA there have already been 300 cases conducted through the Aspire technique, with highly satisfactory results: an average reduction of 40% of excess weight during the first six months after implementing the system.

The Endoscopy and Digestive Functional Testing Unit at Quirón Teknon Hospital The unit, created in 1994 and coordinated by Dr. Jorge Espinós and Dr. Jesús Turró, has the mission of providing modern endoscopy, based on the latest technology for the diagnosis and implementation of therapeutic techniques that in many cases avoid the need for conventional surgery. Backed by 20 years of professional experience, the unit is an international leader in the endoscopic technique, having carried out over 200,000 procedures.

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