Results of the first study at an international level on the POSE technique

POSE results

In April 2010, the medical team led by doctors Jorge C. Espinós and Jesús Turró began a worldwide study about the effects of Primary Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal (POSE) in patients treated with this new technique to combat obesity.

This is the first study at an international level on the POSE technique to treat obesity. It was carried out based on 100 patients who tried this method. It should be noted that doctors Espinós and Turró’s team is the first in Spain to use this new technique. Andd it’s proof that the POSE method is a reliable and effective technique, performed worldwide. The POSE procedure it is advisable for both obese and severely obese individuals (up to 40 BMI).

The medical unit presented the report’s results in August and the well-known American journal, Obesity Surgery, a scientific publication covering obesity and its treatment, has published these results. The following are the most important data to help us answer whether the POSE procedure is effective:

  • More than 75% of the patients studied changed their eating habits.
  • On average, excess weight loss was greater than 50% during the first 6 months and 63% during the first year.
  • A year after the intervention, the percentage of the total weight loss was 19.5%.
  • 73% of the patients lost weight in 6-9 months after the intervention.
  • Only 18% of the patients put on weight in 6-9 months after the intervention (understanding by putting on weight that they gained at least 2 kilos).
  • In every case, patients experienced a greater sensation of satiation and fullness, as well as a change in their eating habits.
  • As regards basal insulin levels, notable improvements in the blood glucose levels were recorded.

Taking all these data into account, we can conclude that the POSE technique to treat obesity is an effective method that helps patients lose weight.

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