What does being overweight mean for my body in general?

Aside from diseases related to being overweight and obese, your body is “ready” to support what is considered a “healthy” weight.

From that point on, all extra weight a person may gain entails carrying around an extraordinary load every day, similar to carrying a backpack with those extra 10-15 or X kilos around with you day after day.


When asking a person who was once obese but has successfully dealt with their excess weight problem, they will tell you how they regard or regarded the problem of obesity. In most cases, excess weight is seen as a “real burden” which they must carry around all day.


For that reason, in this article we wanted to illustrate the three most common metaphors mentioned by our patients regarding how they view or viewed the problem of being overweight.

What does being overweight mean for your body“Like carrying a backpack”

This is one of the most usual perceptions. Excess weight is just like carrying a backpack, a crutch or a bag weighing 10, 15, 20 or more kilos around, depending on how obese each person is. This means that we must do whatever we do, from the simplest to the most difficult thing, with those extra kilos on our backs. Can you imagine what it would be like to leave that backpack on the ground and forget those extra kilos?



overweight treatment“As if I were dragging something heavy around with me all day long”

This is a very similar perception to the first, but dragging a heavy weight around, instead of carrying a backpack.  All in all, it’s the same idea.  Those extra kilos a person has to drag around with them make everything more complicated.




obesity treatment“Like a wall that I have not been able to climb or jump over” 

This is another habitual sensation with respect to the problem of being overweight; the feeling that you have been trying to climb over a wall for years (most people who are overweight and/or obese have been trying to solve their weight problems for quite some time and have been on many diets); a wall that grows higher and is more and more difficult to jump over.

No matter which illustration best represents your obesity problem, the most important thing to know is that it is a problem that can be solved.

Nobody said it was an easy solution, and it is often necessary to combine different factors (a technique and the appropriate treatment + a skilled medical team+ a commitment by the patient + a change in eating habits and lifestyles and monitoring to ensure that everything is going “according to plan” in the medium and long term) to achieve positive results.



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