How much is the Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (Pose) Method price?

Endoscopic stomach reductionThe researches prove that the Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (Pose) Method is an efficient technique for the treatment of obesity.

There are various advantages of this orally administered procedure, which does not need surgery in order to achieve stomach reduction. The results endorse this technique and the patients describe the experience as something really positive.

But, how much is the Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (Pose) Method? What is the price of the POSE method? This is the question many people have.


We are obviously talking about an innovative technique with efficient results in the treatment of obesity and it has a high cost. Even so, what does our life cost? We must remember that obesity shortens our life expectancy up to 10 years and leads to a series of associated illnesses such as diabetes or colon and rectum cancer which not only worsen the quality of life but can also lead to death. That is why we can say that dealing with obesity with the Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (Pose) Method is a very important decision for your health, with a high profitability in the mid/long term.

Why is that the POSE Method price?

Weight Loss Surgery: POSE Performed Through the Mouth

To begin with we must clarify that it is a long term treatment as it is not only the day when the stomach is reduced but a mid/long term follow-up is necessary, carried out by the medical team and nutritionists. They are the ones in charge of guiding the nutrition changes which in the long term will lead to weight loss.

In addition, we should take into account that each intervention is carried out with specific medical equipment of the most innovative technology. We must not forget that the technique is orally administered and the stomach is reduced via various clips made with specific surgery material.

As in other medical treatments, the cost of the anesthesiologist, the operating theater… Let us compare the price of the Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (Pose) Method with that of other treatment to deal with obesity: We must always remember that it is an effective method with various advantages for the patient (less painful, less invasive, no scars, less time at hospital…) the POSE Method has a lower price than the traditional surgery for obesity. That is to say, the price of the POSE Method is lower than having gastric bypass surgery or other bariatric surgeries.

With regards to the different offers you can find if you search for information in the Internet about the Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (Pose) Method, there may be some differences in the price given by different private clinics, even if they are in the same city or country.

endoscopic stomach reduction

But before price your health must be considered. Take into account, apart from the POSE Method price, the experience of the medical team, check that they are specialists in this technique, that their results and research in Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (Pose) Method have been published.

There are medical teams that attend specialized congresses in dealing with obesity using endoscopic techniques and they are pioneering and a reference in Spain for this method. In our case, our medical team is pioneering in Spain and in Europe in this technique, as it is one of the private centers of reference at worldwide level with the largest number of patients treated with the Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (Pose) Method.

Put quality and safety of a medical team above price and let the best professionals treat you. If you are clear that the obesity affects our lifestyle and decreases life expectancy and that the POSE Method is the best option to deal with obesity, contact us, get to meet our medical team and they will give you their advice, analyze your case and provide you with the best solution.

You can check the price of the POSE Method or any other doubt about the treatments for obesity by clicking HERE.

If you don’t live in  Barcelona or in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can explain all the details of this procedure by phone (English spoken) and programs of obesity surgery abroad.

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