Obese at age 25, health problems at 35

Being obese at age 25 increases the risk of serious health problems related to being overweight at 35 years of age. A study has found that obesity in their twenties is probably one of the best indicators of cardiovascular risk and metabolic syndrome there.

obesity and health problems

Published in “American Journal of Preventive Medicine “, the study analyzed the relationship between Body Mass Index (BMI ) at age 25 and the risk of obesity 10 years later and how it relates to certain parameters associated with health . And the results show that people who were already obese at age 25 were more likely to remain so for the elderly.

Preventing obesity should be a priority at any age

The researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey U.S. 1999-2010 (NHANES) and so have been found that men who were obese at age 25 had a 23.1% probability of having class III obesity (defined as a BMI greater than 40) after 35 years while this figure was 1.1 % in those who has average weight. As for women, the probability was 46.9 % in obese women at 25 years and 4.8% in which they were not.

But the study has a positive side, researchers say. An analysis of the effects of long-term obesity showed that this is one of the best indicators of cardiovascular and metabolic risk. This means that the weight loss at any stage can help reduce the risk, regardless of the time during which a person has been overweight .

However, the work makes clear the fact that obese at age 25 are more likely to be morbidly obese in their thirties. And just why, researchers say, are more susceptible to complications such as hypertension, diabetes and inflammation. In addition, researchers recognize the long-term obesity may have a role in other chronic diseases. Therefore, prevention of obesity at any age should ” be a priority for public health and clinical .”

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