Endoscopic Gastric Bypass Repair

Treating Weight Regain after Weight-Loss SurgeryWhen a person with obesity undergo an obesity surgery, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, the goal is to reduce the stomach capacity so that the patient has a sensation of satiation and fullness. The procedure meets its goal but it has been proven that, after a few years, problems may arise in some cases.



One of these problems is that over time, the canal that takes the food from the reduced stomach down to the end of the intestine has dilated. When this happens, patients may not experience that original feeling of satiation , the stomach wall begins to dilate and increase the size allowing a greater amount of food re-entering the stomach. The intervention performed some years back, whose main goal was this, loses effectiveness and the larger the aperture, the more kilos recovered.

Do I need to have another operation ?
When this happens, patients dont´need to have another laparoscopic operation. There is now the possibility of using endoscopic techniques to repair gastric bypass failures.

With specific tools the canal is sutured again and the stomach is reduced once again so that the patient recover the feeling of satiation and fullness.

What are the advantages of the endoscopic procedure?

This procedure is perfomed by inserting an endoscope through the mouth,that means patient benefit from using the endoscopic procedure because is a less invasive intervention than a laparoscopic surgery. It is also fastest (the patient can be dismissed from hospital almost immediately after the intervention and no prior hospitalization is required) and least painful for the patient and it has no associated risks.

Can there be any complications?
It is possible that the canal might contract excessively and this causes some discomfort to patients or prevents them from eating. This problem can be easily solved since, in this case, the specialist dilates the canal slightly so that patients can carry on with their normal lives.

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