Aspire Bariatrics: New treatment for morbid obesity

Obesity surgery abroadSome time ago we explained in this blog that our medical team had conducted the new Aspire Bariatrics treatment for obesity for the first time in Spain.

Months later, the patients that started the treatment have not only lost weight but also have the feeling of being able to “control” in a way the problem of excess weight thanks to the possibilities provided by this system to check and regulate the amount of food eaten.

Initially the treatment can be somewhat impressive; however, the studies carried out in other medical centres that have been using this treatment until now as well as our own experience have proven very satisfactory.

It is a flexible option, with minimal or almost no risk at all. On the contrary to what it initially may be thought, it does not create  eating disorders and achieves the main objective for those who have been suffering from morbid obesity for years, not only allowing a loss of weight but a substantial improvement of their general health and quality of life.

Endoscopic treatment of obesity last techiques in Spain Aspire Bariatrics

It is true that it would be great if everybody could have an appropriate weight and a healthy lifestyle without having to use any techniques or undergo treatments; however, those who suffer obesity know this is not possible, having tried many times and not achieving it for multiple reasons, as obesity is without a doubt a multi-factor disease where a lot of variables are included which prevent the person with excessive weight to lose weight on his/her own.

Our objective as medical professionals is to inform of the different options there are today in order to fight obesity taking into account that the objective is to achieve the best health condition for those with a weight problem. Obesity and health are two words that are NOT understood well together.

Excess weight is not healthy; however, it is true that in certain serious obesity cases, the obesity surgery options can be as “impressive” as this treatment (Aspire) as the patient undergoes a modification of his/her anatomy and physiology of its digestive system, reason for which a lot of people continue indecisive when dealing with their obesity problems. In the case of the Aspire treatment, there is no intervention and no modification of the anatomy.

We will continue informing of this treatment as we have more details available. In fact we are planning to organise a meeting of Aspire-treated patients for others to know more about this option.

For more information, please visit the section in this website on this technique OBESITY TREATMENTS-ASPIRE, visit the website, call us or send us an email 

Safer Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery Aspire Bariatrics

using the contact form so we can explain this technique better.

We should highlight that we are the only medical team in Spain, and one of the few at a European level, providing this option.


If you don’t live in  Barcelona or in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can explain all the details of this procedure by phone (English and Russian spoken) and programs of obesity surgery abroad.

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